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In 2 Minds

Comedy • Mentalism

With her deliciously engaging sassy brand of humour, Australia’s only female mentalist, Cath Jamison undoubtedly proves that the paranormal, conjuring and women’s intuition does exist.

A fun and mind blowing, interactive stage show, where the audience become the stars of the show.

Blending creepily accurate insights with her comedic sass, style and mind manipulation, Jamison presents a hilarious and innovative form of entertainment, taking the audience on a fun and thought provoking journey into human behaviour.

Noted as one of the most “bizarre and unusual” women in Australia, and captivating audiences worldwide with her uncanny ability to read thoughts and bend reality, Jamison can make any cynic gasp and will delve into your inner most thoughts and know what you are going to say before you do.

Audiences will be captivated until the very end…

“I cant work out how she did it!"
Edward De Bono (renowned expert on creative thinking)

Sean Scoffield - Hamilton Island Enterprises, Hamilton Island

"She had the audience in the palm of her hands, Hilarious!"
Chris Reidy - Manager Victorian Seniors Festival

"Cath was so BRILLIANT. I was on a table with many visitors from overseas, and all of them thought the Cath was SPECTACULAR."
Debra Langton -Swinburne University

"DYNAMO of energy and SHOWMANSHIP."
Rip It Up

"One of the TOP 10 shows to see in the Adelaide Fringe this week."
The Advertiser
Parlour Show
I Know What You’re Thinking!

Comedy • Mentalism

I Know What You’re Thinking, is a paranormal and mindreading parlour show that plays with your senses, and leave you gasping at her obsession with the blade, playful antics of the voodoo dolls, haunting experiences and ability to know what you’re thinking before you do !

Cath bends blades with the power of her mind, wield knives, across the stage and tap into the collective conscience of her audience, while exploring concepts surrounding inherent female intuition, bizarre dating rituals and the female mystique.

The result is a thrillingly suspenseful on stage extravaganza that simultaneously fascinates and frightens audiences, yet leaves them thirsty for more.

A show that focuses on the world of telepathy, precognition and clairvoyancy.

Cath makes public liability insurers nervous. Broken glass and razor blades are just the tip of the iceberg. She takes to gaffer tape like a duck to water, and in this sight deprived state, performs a mind experiment with the audience that defy explanation.

I Know What You’re Thinking ! is an unique brand of entertainment and interactive experience makes this show entertaining, mysterious & bizarre.

"When the other kids played with barbie dolls, i played with voodoo dolls! When the other kids went swimming, I played with matches under the house! And when other kids played with Leggo … i played with knives!"

“LOVED it! Cheeky, subtle, FUNNY, awesome!"
Monika Karwon Commonwealth Bank

"This show has all the ingredients for a WINNING combination."
Lily Bragge - The Age

"Her act oozes emotion. It has romance and pathos reminiscent of the illusionary Comparie Philippe Genty,the avant guarde energy of Cirque du Soleil and the horror – show masochism of the Amazing Jonathon."
Andrew Block - Blue Magazine

"CLEVER and CAPTIVATING performance."
Darryl Sommers - Hey Hey It’s Saturday

"She has got STYLE and poise, not to mention beauty and talent - a CLASS ACT in my book."
Cristina Cass, Australian Theatre

Cath Jamison & Shane Hill

So what happens when two of Australa’s best mentalists Shane Hill & Cath Jamison join forces? You get HYPNOTIC!, an interactive experience fusing magic, psychology, mentalism and hypnosis.

Their unique ability, using an understanding of the human mind, with skills in mentalism and the paranormal, creates mystery, excitement and fun, getting audience members to demonstrate their own impossible skills and psychic abilities, even the most zealous nonbelievers are left scratching their heads.

Tim Burton

"Shane - HILARIOUS Audience Participation"
In Press Magazine
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